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Motorcycle Tire and Wheel Rim Protection

If you've ever had the misfortune of having to replace your motorcycle tires or rims due to damage caused while riding, then you know how quickly the expenses add up. The cost to replace the front tire and rim on most street motorcycles can easily exceed $350.00. And, that's just the cost to replace them. Next, add in the cost of mounting and balancing and valve stems and the cost will generally go over $400.00. But, that's not all. You were riding when this occurred so your motorcycle needed to be towed to be repaired. So now, let's add at least another $50.00 to $100.00 for towing.

motorcycle with flat on tow truckYep, a $500.00 expense due to a road hazard that you couldn't avoid. And, it all happened while you were out trying to enjoy riding your motorcycle.

We can't help when it comes to road hazards like glass or metal on the road. We can't go around filling in all of the potholes, picking up nails or other debris that can easily cause your motorcycle tire to blowout while you're riding. What we can offer is a motorcycle or scooter tire and wheel service warranty contract that will cover 100% of your costs of tire and wheel replacement when needed or tire and wheel repairs and get you back on the road riding and enjoying your motorcycle. Our service policy also covers all mounting, balancing, valve stems and taxes. We'll even cover up to $100.00 towing charges per occurrence. All of this is available with absolutely no deductible or no claims limits and has you covered anywhere in the United States.

Many readers might think that this type of coverage for their on-road motorcycle or scooter would be very expensive to purchase. Each year of coverage would have to be near the cost of one incident. You will be very surprised at just how affordable our motorcycle or scooter tire and wheel service contracts are and how even more affordable it becomes for multi year policies. We don't just offer coverage for one year. Your extended motorcycle or scooter tire and wheel road hazard service warranty is available for up to 6 years. Your service contract is also available for financing and is transferable in the event you ever sell your motorcycle or scooter. Our extended tire and wheel service warranty for motorcycles or scooters not only has you covered at a low affordable rate, but, can also help to add value when it is time to sell.

Can you really afford not to add this special coverage? We won't ride without it and neither should you!

Contact us today to learn more about avoiding the high cost of replacing motorcycle or scooter tires and rims due to unavoidable road hazards. Then, buy a policy for yourself or as a gift for another special rider. We all hope to never have a use for this type of extended warranty, but, when things happen, you will be glad for the coverage.

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